Create estimations with calculations based on user input

With this plugin you can create advanced calculation forms that can make calculations based on user input. Make awesome booking and order forms or create simple and complex estimation forms. You can use the calculations on all fields. It is as easy as doing normal mathematics.


Example / Live DEMO:

Total of email addresses
How many email addresses you need for your domain?
Total of domain names
Select how many domain names you want to register
Website anti-virus, backups and updates
Select all the protections you want
Select how many scans you want per week
How many Malware scans do you want per week?
Select your total storage
How much storage would you need on your new server?
Optimise my website for search engines
Select if you would like Off-site and/or On-site optimisation:
VAT (21%):$0.00


In this documentation we will be going through all the options and settings.
After reading this you know how to create a form with advanced calculations!

Under Form Elements on the builder page when creating a new form you will have an extra element called “Calculator”.


The Calculator element will have the following settings available to adjust for your needs (see picture below):

– Calculation (here you put the math logic e.g {field_1}+{field_2} )
– Amount label (for instance: Subtotal, Total, or VAT 21%)
– Currency (the currency, if needed)
– Length of decimal (the total decimal numbers the number should generate)
– Decimal separator (the decimal separator used in your country for numbers)
– Thousand separator (the thousand separator used in your country for numbers)